Why Buy Bespoke?

Sep 21, 2011

A few months ago I was asked to fill in a questionnaire to ascertain what the hardest aspect of being a cake maker was. Now there are a multitude of different answers to that one! Is it getting the cake recipe perfected? Is it capturing the character you’re modelling? Is it the balance between paperwork and baking/creating? I think actually the last answer proved to be most popular, but it wasn’t my response.

My answer was it’s hard for a handcrafted cake designer to compete with the mass market commercialised celebration cakes. When your local supermarket is bashing out a reasonable cake for £10.00 people expect so much for their money. Rightly so, we all want quality goods when we’ve paid for them. So why should you use a cake maker to make your celebratory occasion just that little bit more special?

Taste has got to be one of the priorities surely?! A cake made fresh from the best quality ingredients the day before, beats manufactured cake. The fact you can have choice of flavours that suits your requirements and allergies can usually be catered for. Even handmade fresh cake does have a great self life; cup cakes can last well up to 4-5 days after being delivered.

Personalisation of a customised cake, not just in terms of wording but the whole theme has to be a winning reason. Tell a cake maker/designer about the person that the cake is being created for and they can come up with a suitable design incorporating those ideas. Where in the huge shops can you by a motor cross rider with your colours and number on the back? Figures on the cake can have resembling characteristics of the cake recipient, a lasting memory.


Love. Love has to be one of most compelling reasons to buy handmade bespoke cakes. You know that some one has worked hard on your cake and taken it personally into their heart. Personalised handcrafted cakes are a mini work of art, for that few hours before they are eaten! I put my heart and soul into creating the cakes.

Your love shows. Cake receivers know that you, as a buyer, have spent the time and effort into getting the cake made for them, it wasn’t just a last minute thought (even though we can turn round a cake pretty quick if desperate!) People appreciate the effort more than anything. To have a cake made purely for you makes you feel special.


So when you’re about to grab a quickie cake of the supermarket shelf, spare us cake makers a thought. Which kind of cake would make you feel more special? Go on, show someone you love them with a well thought out personally designed cake to make their day unique.


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