Gluten Free Baking

Nov 17, 2010

When we say at Minky Kitten Cakes that we'll try and cater for your every need, we mean in terms of recipes as well as decorative design. Having mentioned egg allergies last week, a more commonly recognised condition is coeliac, an intolerance towards gluten.

Cake baking doesn't have to be restricted in this department. You can buy gluten-free flour, which is potato or rice flour, or you can use alternatives such as polenta and ground almonds. If you’re baking for someone with a gluten intolerance (a coeliac), be very careful to use spotlessly clean, or even new, equipment and open a new packet of margarine or butter, to make sure that no errant breadcrumbs find their way into the cake.

Remember to make sure if you’ve gone to the trouble of buying gluten-free flour to make a cake, then don’t forget to buy gluten-free baking powder - standard baking powder contains gluten. Gluten-free baking powder is now widely available in the baking sections of supermarkets (NB: bicarbonate of soda is naturally gluten-free).

There are some great websites to help with recipes:

Happy experimenting! Feel free to share your baking highs and lows...


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