Covering a Cake Board with Sugar Paste

May 23, 2012

Covering A Cake Board

So now you have your delicious light sponge prepared it’s all about the decoration… the best bit in my humble point of view. Obviously it’s why you come to a cake maker like me, to make a cake personal, show stopping and magical. Or it’s why you’re reading this to make something special for someone you love. People always appreciate the time and effort that goes into making a cake look beautiful. I always say Minky Kitten Cakes are made with more love than calories. So true as I don’t get enough money for all the hours I put in! lol

Anyway… back to the cake. When I started out I did not ice my boards that I placed the cakes on, but as the lovely Ice Maiden Cakes pointed out to me on Twitter it does tend to give a better, more professional finished look.

Whatever the size of your cake you will need a 13mm thick board, 3 inches bigger than your cake. That’s just a general rule of thumb, obviously depending on the modelling you’re doing you can have any size board. But if we’re concentrating on an 8” round sponge then
I would use an 11” round board to place it on. Its just a standard size to give a good look proportionally.

About 500g fondant/sugar paste should be enough to cover this size board (11”).

Roll out on a surface smoothed with white vegetable fat (like Trex) to avoid the drying out problem sometimes associated with using icing sugar.

Knead the sugar paste till warm and pliable. This is really important to avoid cracking. Place on the surface with the smoothest side up before starting to roll.


Roll out the sugar paste to adepth of 4mm, ideally using spacers to get the paste a consist depth. Keep lifting the rounded rolled piece of sugar paste up during the rolling, using the rolling pin as this will help prevent sticking to the surface.


Moisten the cake board with either cooled boiled water or sugar glue.

Lift up the past using your plastic rolling pin and drape over the board.  

Smooth all around the paste lying on the board with a cake smoother.



With a palette knife then cut around the edge, cutting off the excess paste. Hold the knife at a 45 degree angle as the cut is much smoother, than holding it vertically.


Now leave your board to dry for about 24 hours.


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